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Monday, May 13, 2024

Revolutionizing Cinema: Pascal Atuma and Nollywood USA Stakeholders Unite in Houston

In a nostalgic throwback to January 2023, the world witnessed a meeting of creative minds as Pascal Atuma, the acclaimed film director and producer, convened with Nollywood USA stakeholders in Houston, Texas. Hosted by Eva Banks, esteemed figures including Austin Sharp Sharp-Ndukwe, Stanley Chinedu Achulonu, and Bode Ojo of Golden Icons Magazine gathered to discuss the future of African filmmaking in Houston.
Amidst shared visions and aspirations, Austin Ndukwe expressed confidence in the reinvention of movie productions in the city. This rendezvous marked not just a moment in time but a significant step towards reshaping the landscape of cinema, igniting excitement for what's to come.