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Thursday, August 24, 2017

JAMES 2:5: God requires that you lack something

According to James 2:5, the perception of wealth is "money buys everything". Therefore, these wealthy people did not need God for anything. However, even if this idea were not literally true, wealthy people in those days lived by this principle which in turn, hardened their hearts to God.

Verse 5 of James 2, reminds us that God wants to be included in everything we do. This is the reason why God likes the Poor because, since they are physically incapable of providing, protection, or caring for themselves, they are forced to wholeheartedly depend on God for their life! This is the mindset God wants us to have everyday.

Prayer: may your intimate relationship with God never grow cold due to your wealth or lack in Jesus Mighty Name! Amen
Bible source: CSB Version

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

JAMES 2:14,25-26: Faith without ACTION is procrastination

Example: if one prays for a job and believes in the heart (with no doubt) that God will bless them with their choice position however, do not apply online or step out in Faith and submit an application in person to companies? That person will either die of low-self esteem, depression, or possibly hunger. James 1:17, tells us that "Every good and perfect Gift comes from God...". Great! If you are praying and you believe, that means you already know that. On the other hand, the area Satan uses is usually not in your praying. It is in the casting out of fear and negative thoughts and stepping out aggressively toward what you just prayed for!

Prayer: may Jahovah grant you Wisdom (applied knowledge), divine Grace, and Favor to fully enjoy the benefits of having absolute Faith in Him in Jesus Name! Amen
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Bible source: CSB Version

Saturday, August 19, 2017

HEB. 10:12-14: One Sacrifice made you PERFECT

During the time of Abraham (a foretaste of what is to come) God tested Abraham to see if he would be willing to give up his only son just as God intended with "Jesus". Abraham's complete trust in God out-weighted logic. However, if he did murder Isaac (his only son), his effort would have been useless. This is because Abraham and all his descendants including us, are offsprings Eve (a sinful generation).

"Hebrews 10:12-14" shows us that it is only by the sacrifice, blood, death, and resurrection of Jesus that we are completely saved! In another verse in the bible we see that, Jesus was conceived in the womb of Mary by yhe Holy Spirit. Therefore Jesus is 100% God as he is Man. It is only by His pure undefiled blood are we saved and made perfect before God.
Bible source: CSB Version