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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Maurice Sam and Elozonam Ogbolu Deliver Powerful Performances In Must-Watch Series "Ladies And The Not So Gentlemen"

Maurice Sam and Elozonam Ogbolu shine in the gripping new series "Ladies And The Not So Gentlemen." This captivating drama explores various themes, with a standout focus on child molestation. The series compellingly highlights the profound impact of fear on both parents and children, emphasizing the crucial need for open, honest conversations. Sam and Ogbolu's powerful performances help bring these sensitive issues to light, making it a must-watch. Don’t miss out—click play below to watch this highly recommended series.

Rating: PG 13

Movie Title: Ladies And The Not So Gentlemen

Movie Series: Parts 1 - 5

Directed By: Vickie Amede

Story and Executive Producer: Vickie Amede

Starring: Maurice Sam, Elozonam Ogbolu, Patrick Diabuah, Lucy Ameh, Jennifer Osammor, Darlene Odogbili, Juliet Ibe, Tony Okuyeme, Wole Olagundoye, Victoria Omrrhi

Movie Synopsis: In "Ladies And The Not So Gentlemen," four couples—Obande and Siya, Oyinne and Roy, Oyiza and Adams, Adanma and Hyacinth—navigate the complexities of their relationships. Tension escalates when Adams decides to leave Oyiza for his ex-girlfriend, driven by their childlessness. His decision fractures the group's tight-knit friendship, leading to a deadly confrontation. As secrets unravel, a tragic death ensues, entangling everyone in a web of deceit and forcing them to face the harrowing possibility of murder charges. This thrilling series delves into betrayal, loyalty, and the dark consequences of desperate choices.

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