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Monday, June 17, 2024

Idris Elba's Daughter Heartwarming Father's Day Tribute Full of Dad Jokes

Hollywood star Idris Elba received a heartwarming Father's Day surprise from his daughter, Isan Elba. Isan shared a delightful tribute to her dad on social media, revealing a playful side of the acclaimed actor. She wrote,
"I honestly get confused when people ask me what’s it like to have you as a dad but then I realized it’s because no one knows that you are the poster child for 'dad joke' dads. So I thought it would be funny to compile a few videos that show that true side of yourself. Don’t kill me for this 🤣. Sometimes I feel bad for laughing at you but you’re just so funny to mess with and that’s my daughterly duty! So on that note, happy Father’s Day dad! @idriselba."

This touching and humorous tribute from Isan highlights the loving bond they share, proving that even a Hollywood icon can be a doting, joke-cracking dad.

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