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Monday, May 6, 2024

MCPC: The Nigerian-American Comedy Maestro Making Waves in Houston and Beyond

Polycarp Akhigbe, affectionately known as MCPC, was born in the early 70s, heralding the dawn of a luminary figure in the Nigerian-American entertainment landscape. Born and raised in Nigeria, MCPC completed his early education in his homeland before embarking on a journey that would eventually lead him to become a prominent figure in both the Nigerian and American entertainment circles.
After migrating to the United Kingdom with his family, MCPC pursued higher education at the University of Greenwich, London, where he earned a degree in Finance and Financial Information Systems. It was during his time in the UK that MCPC honed his skills as a Master of Ceremonies and Stand-up Comedian, laying the groundwork for what would become a remarkable career.
Fast-forward 15 years, MCPC is now a household name in Houston, not just for his comedic prowess but also for his roles as a promoter, event producer, actor, businessman, and media consultant. His versatility shone through in various projects, including lending his voice to the animated short "Witch Hunt" in 2016 and appearing in the uproarious blockbuster "American Driver" in 2017.
Beyond the spotlight, MCPC's generosity and compassion endeared him to many. He demonstrated a deep commitment to supporting churches and nonprofit organizations, generously contributing both financially and through his time and talent. Passionate about nurturing talent and fostering community, MCPC regularly hosted shows to provide platforms for up-and-coming comedians to showcase their skills.
MCPC's journey from Nigeria to the global stage is not just a testament to his talent but also to his unwavering dedication to uplifting others and spreading joy through laughter. With his infectious energy and positive impact, MCPC continues to leave an indelible mark on both the entertainment world and the hearts of those he touches.

Content Source: Defender Newspaper| Google

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