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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Romantic Comedy Reinvented: Maurice Sam and Denrele Edun Shines In New Movie

Unlike the typical Nollywood storyline, "Crazy About You" takes a refreshing western approach to love. Starring Maurice Sam, whose natural charisma brings depth to his character, the film pairs him with the vibrant Denrele Edun. This hilarious romantic comedy follows Maurice as he undergoes a comedic transformation to win the heart of a captivating beauty.

Buckle up for a rollercoaster of laughter and love as Maurice navigates the highs and lows of chasing affection in the most unexpected ways. Click play below to dive into this delightful tale of romance and transformation!

Rating: PG

Movie Title: Crazy About You

Directed By: Okey Ifeanyi

Executive Producer: Maurice Sam

Starring: Maurice Sam, Denrele Edun, Sophie Alakhija, Chinwe Cynthia Idemili, Chidera Azuma, Victory Ifeanyi Oparaugo

🎬Movie Synopsis: In "Crazy About You," Bolagi, a determined businessman, is smitten with the aloof beauty Tiffany, who consistently overlooks him. Seeking advice from his witty cousin Alex, Bolagi embarks on a hilarious scheme: posing as a gay man to win Tiffany's affection. However, as he navigates the unexpected attention and misunderstandings that follow, Bolagi begins to question if he truly wants Tiffany's affection after all. This romantic comedy explores love, identity, and the humorous chaos that ensues when one man risks it all to capture the heart of the woman of his dreams.